Time schedule and program


1. Time schedule


The time-schedule was tentatively planned. Please note that this schedule is subject to change.
Click here to see tentative time schedule (August 12, 2013)[PDF: 90.0KB].


The conference is planed to be held in small hall, room 501, room 601 and multipurpose hall in Kunibiki Messe.
Click here to see floor plan in Kunibiki Messe.[JPG: 248.0KB]


You are also able to see the conference rooms through the following web site:

2. Program


Click here to see the final program.[PDF: 6.58MB]


3. Presentation


Presentations of contributed papers must be made in 15 minutes: 10 minutes for the presentation, 4 minutes for questions and 1 minute for the change of the presenters.
The equipment provided for the speakers will include :
1 : one lectern
2 : one screen
3 : one personal computer with a projector
4 : one micro phone
5 : one laser-pointer
A staff of LOC will be present to supervise all oral presentations.
“Microsoft Power Point 2012” is provided for presentation. The presentation should be saved onto USB flash memory as a power point format, and will be copied onto the personal computer. ''