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Welcome Message from Conference Chairman


On behalf of the local organizing committee, I would like to cordially invite you all to the second international conference on electric power equipment - switching technology, ICEPE-ST 2013.


In order to secure high reliability and safety in the modern electric power society, switching technology is one of indispensable technologies for electric power equipment. Therefore, extremely wide range researching works have been conducted for many years, and it became so called a well establish and mature technology. Since economic growth in Asian countries looks remarkable, a huge increase in electricity demand will be expected as before. Coping with this increase, developments of electrical power equipment with higher reliability and lower cost should be desired. Especially in Asian region, novel investigation and development works are highly requested, which should be based on these area’s economic and climatic situations at present.


I sincerely hope that many young engineers in these regions will be encouraged to join these engineering areas and do their best for the amazing growth of these regions. Based on these expectations, ICEPE-ST was founded, and was held in Xi’an, China, 2011, as the first ICEPE-ST conference. Second one will be held in Matsue, Japan. The field of interest of ICEPE shall be the study and application of switching phenomena, behavior and development, characterization and application of circuit breakers, such as emerging HV switching technologies, apparatus for power flow control in smart distribution grid, fault current limiting technology, semiconductor switching technology (including HVDC), switching phenomena in ultra-high voltage systems, digital design technologies in switchgear and fundamental physics in switchgear.


As the second conference, we classified the technologies into following sessions.


A. Plasma
B. Current interruption in gases
C. DC current interruption
D. Electrical contacts
E. Current interruption in vacuum
F. Driving mechanism of circuit breakers
G. Electrical insulation in vacuum
H. Electrical insulation in gases
I. Semiconductor circuit breakers
J. Superconducting current limiters
K. Current limiters (w/o superconductor)
L. Fault current phenomena
M. Smart grid
O. Low voltage circuit breakers
Z. Surge phenomena, electromagnetic field, etc.


Matsue of Shimane prefecture in Japan is famous for its historic background and surrounded many historic or prehistoric spots. We will visit “Izumo Taisha Shrine” on the final day of the conference. The shrine is one of the oldest shrines in Japan, where “Okunino Nushi no Mikoto” is enshrined. Japanese people believe he created this country, and he is a god of “En-musubi” (the connections people make throughout their lives). Very recently, a number of bronze swards were found near the shrine. This shows the place was used to be a trade or an industry center of Japan in the prehistoric era. I believe that inviting you from all over the world and from Japan to the ancient place of creation, relation, trade and industry may be meaningful to all participants of this conference. From my heart, I wish you have good times during the conference, and enjoy it.



Eiji Kaneko
Conference Chairman of ICEPE2013