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The objective and focus of the International Conference on Electric Power Equipment - Switching Technology is to encourage the innovation in the field of science, technology and application of electric power equipment especially switching technology.


The Conference will be held biennially (odd-numbered years). The Conference will be interdisciplinary promoting the exchange of results, presentation of progress and discussion of ideas and challenges for the future in the field of electric power equipment.


ICEPE-ST provides special attention to the technical areas within its field of interest as follows:

The field of interest of ICEPE-ST shall be the study and application of switching phenomena, behavior and the development, characterization and application of circuit breakers, such as emerging HV switching technologies, apparatus for power flow control in smart distribution grid, fault current limiting technology, semi-conductor switching technology(including HV DC), switching phenomena in ultra-high voltage systems, digital design technologies in switchgears and fundamental physics in switchgear.