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At the beginning of ICEPE in 2013


At the beginning of ICEPE, I would like to say as follows.


ICEPE conference is scheduled to prepare for Asian countries where a lot of research works from now on will set up electric energy sources. China, Korea and Japan will initiate this conference, because the switching control equipment is the most important in most modern electric energy condition and in most modern electric energy system in these countries. We called for papers from the field of plasma, current interruption in gases, DC current interruption, electrical contacts, current interruption in vacuum, driving mechanisms of circuit breakers, electrical insulation in gases, semiconductor circuit breakers, superconducting current breakers, current limiters without superconductor, fault current phenomena, smart grid, CAE, low voltage circuit breakers, surge phenomena, electromagnetic field, etc. All subjects cover in power transmission and power delivery.


Even now I am attracted in satellite modern power electronics, in DC transmission power system for high current interruption, in current limiting devices for superconducting equipment, smart grid and so on. Because of those, all electric energy consumptions are based on recent developments.


Next thing I would like to emphasize is language problems. I believe English is better to communicate and its ability is extremely high even in Asian countries where they speak their individual languages, and also IEEE will contribute this item from collecting and publication of papers.


In India, Malaysia and other countries in Asia, their economies are developing very quickly, and we are looking forward to receiving contributions from these countries and sharing with technologies and future contributions. If you look at the world, such as Africa and South America, their economies are advancing very quickly, and as also USA, Canada and European countries have advantage in various field and they must be also welcome.


As I said before, every transmission energy technology must be included in switching equipments and many things must be prepared for the future world. We must prepare many things together and let us work together for the future.


S. Yanabu, Xi`an Jiaotong University
Chairman of International Scientific Committee, ICEPE-ST