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2nd International Conference on Electric Power Equipment - Switching Technology (ICEPE-ST) is planned to be held as described below.


Conference date: October 20 (Sunday) to 23(Wed.), 2013
Date of post conference tour : October 24, 2013


Place: Kunibiki Messe(Shimane Prefectural Convention Center).


Local Organizing Committee (Chairman Prof. E. Kaneko, University of the Ryukyus) prepares to open ICEPE2013.


Important notice to participants of ICEPE2013 (October 9, 2013)


Link to see the important notice

Announcement to authors and participants


 October 9, 2013.
 Important notice to participants of ICEPE2013 was annnouced.


 October 3, 2013.
 The final program was uploaded. Presentation instruction was also announced.


 September 30, 2013.
 Concerning the accompanying person tours, the travel time was modified.


 September 24, 2013.
 Concerning the accompanying person tours, the travel time was modified.


 September 4, 2013.
 The web site for post conference tour opens.
 The web site for accompanying person tours opens


 September 3, 2013.
 Welcome messages from Chairmans have been posted.


 August 12, 2013.
 The time schedule was tentatively planned.


 May 27, 2013.
 The web site for the applications of participant registration and hotel reservation opens at end of May, 2013.
 Information related to visa is also provided at end of May, 2013.


 April 30, 2013.
 The manuscript submission deadline is extended to May 14, 2013.

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